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Activity directions


Development and manufacturing of scientific and experimental-industrial technological equipment

Vacuum plasma equipment


Physical and thermal equipment


Film deposition (PVD)


Dry processing
of surface


Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition 


Gasthermal group 
processing at
300-1300° C


Single-crystal structure growing (Epitaxy)


Precision material cleaning

Magnetron sputtering   Etching and ion cleaning   PECVD with diode system   Layer deposition   From liquid environment at 300-1250 °С   Gas cleaning by rectification
Thermal evaporation   Plasma chemical etching   PECVD with inductively coupled plasma source (ICPPECVD)   Oxidation   From gas environment at 550-1300 °С   Liquid cleaning by rectification
Electron-beam evaporation   Reactive ion etching (RIE)   Atomic layer deposition (ALD)   Diffusoin       Solid material cleaning by sublimation
Plasma arc evaporation   RIE with inductively coupled plasma source (ICPRIE)       Annealing