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Vacuum installations for plasma-chemical etching of films with ICP source and load lock

плазма тм200_1


Selective plasma-chemical etching (reactive- ion, anisotropic) of dielectric and metal films.

Special characteristics:

  • Group processing of substrates in one technological cycle: 60 x 48 mm – 3 pcs., Ø 76, 100, 150, 200 mm – 1 pc.;
  • Lock-chamber for loading and unloading of substrates;
  • Substrate transfer system from lock chamber to working chamber by manipulator;
  • Working gases – Ar, SF6, O2, CF4;
  • Rotary HF electrode with substrate cooling;
  • Measurement of HF displacement on HF electrode-substrate holder within the range of 0-1000 V;
  • Regulation and automatic control of HF power level of ICP source within the range of 400-600 W;
  • Oil-free (dry) pumping system (forvacuum and turbomolecular pumps);
  • Microprocessing control system;
  • Consumed power not more than 7 kW;
  • 5 m2 area per one plant.

плазма тм200_3  plasma200

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