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  • Modernization of special technological equipment for various purposes used in the manufacture of microelectronic devices, based on modern element base of gas and vacuum systems, automatic control, devices for loading plates, design and debugging of optimal software.
  • Repair, debugging, start and operational tests of domestic and foreign «Second-Hand» production.
  • Production and supply of parts and components for the company equipment.
  • Modernization of technological equipment in various industries of national economy in terms of automatic control equipment, gas and vacuum systems.
  • Implementation of control automation
  • Cooperative test activities with the Customer to adapt the equipment to the required technological process.
  • Design, production and installation of working chambers devices for new technological processes according to Customer requirements
  • Design of multichamber equipment and process modules for carrying out sequential operations without product extraction from the working chambers to the atmosphere according to Customer requirements
  • Work to reduce the level of pollution within the production of microelectronic products.