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Vacuum installation for film deposition by electon-beam evaporation

элу тм 38


Deposition of mon- and multilayer thin films onto substrates (plates) by electron-beam evaporation of materials including film coating normally to substrate surface.

Special characteristics:

  • Group processing of Ø 76 or Ø 100 mm substrates;
  • Lock-chambers for loading and unloading of substrates;
  • Rotary domical substrate holder;
  • 4-crucible electron-beam evaporator;
  • Preliminary substrate heating and cleaning by ion source in lock chamber;
  • Oil-free (dry) pumping system (forevacuum and 2 cryogenic pumps);
  • Microprocessing control system;
  • Consumed power not more than 20 kW;
  • 4 marea per one plant.  

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