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Experimental technological plant with hybrid
vacuum-plasma system consisting of helicon, magnetron and arc discharges



Helicon TM — innovative plant designed for research and development
of a wide class of new technological processes for functional coatings
deposition of various materials, including metamaterials, by magnetron
sputtering and/or electric arc evaporation in plasma of the helicon discharge.


Plasma-enhanced deposition processes with controllable density and energy of plasma exposure, provide controlled nanostructurization of the coatings which can be used in various fields of science and technology (nano-, micro-, opto -, photo — and radio electronics, medicine, energy storage, etc.). Helicon discharge effectively transmits to the plasma effective power from RF inductor, providing plasma discharge with the ionization density up to 1012 см-3 and energy of ions from 10 to 100 electron-volt in the treatment area of the plates. This allows investigating the processes of «dry» etching and cleaning, as well as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Thus, Helicon TM can provide processes for coating by physical methods (physical vapor deposition — PVD) and chemical deposition of materials (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition — PE CVD) for the first time.