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MAGNA TM 200-01K

Vacuum installation of film deposition by magnetron sputtering with rotary loading

магна 200-01к-1

Deposition of multicomponent and multilayer metal or dielectric thin films on substrates (plates) by magnetron sputtering.

Special characteristics:

  • Individual treatment of substrates in one production cycle: Ø 100, 150, 200mm – 1 pcs.
  • Lock-chamber for loading and unloading substrates from cassette to cassette
  • Transport system for transferring substrates from lock chamber to working chamber by manipulator;
  • Installation of the ion source for substrate cleaning instead of the third magnetron evaporator;
  • Planar magnetron evaporator with ø280mm target and multi-cathode magnetron evaporator with three ø100mm targets;
  • One film high-speed deposition of three magnetrons or sequential deposition of two-three layers films using shutter;
  • Oil-free (dry) pumping system (forvacuum and turbomolecular pumps);
  • Microprocessor control system;
  • Power consumption is not more than 16 kWt;
  • Ability to build in a clean room;
  • 5m² area per one plant.

магна 200-01к-3









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